Santo Domingo geoglyphs still in danger from invaders


The geoglyphs in the gorge of Santo Domingo in Trujillo continue to face invasion by agricultural invaders The destruction of a 600-year-old geoglyph in Trujillo made headlines in April after agricultural invaders attempted to erase the structure to make room for crops.

Since the incident was discovered investigators have searched the region to find out that hundreds in the area have been destroyed and remain in danger.

El Comercio reported yesterday, two months after the destruction, that the geoglyphs continue to face invasion and threats from agricultural invaders.

On May 21, the Ministry of Culture announced 250 hectares of previously destroyed geoglyphs had been restored.

Despite few advancements, in the district of Laredo in Trujillo, the Santo Domingo gorge is still seeking protection and continues to be invaded.

Residents in the Santo Domingo area told El Comercio that the lands had in fact been sold about four years ago to lawyers. They paid between S/. 3,000 and S/. 4,000 for each lot obtained.