Sweden returns Paracas textile artifacts to Peru


The city of Gothenburg, Sweden has agreed to return 2,500-year-old Paracas textiles to their home country of Peru. A number of important and ancient artifacts will soon be on their way their way home to Peru. According to Andina news agency, the Swedish city of Gothenburg has agreed to return their collection of Paracas textiles to Peru.

Andina reports that the pieces currently in Sweden were used to wrap deceased Paracas community members, who were placed in special baskets, sitting up in their tombs. The textiles that will be returned by Gothenburg are made of alpaca fibers that were dyed with traditional natural dyes.

The textiles’ return is the result of a long process of discussion with the Swedish government. Foreign Minister Eda Rivas thanked Sweden for their cooperation in returning the artifacts, saying that the joint project was a sign of the respect and friendship shared between the two nations.

According to the Varldskulturmuseet (Swedish for “The Museum of World Culture ”), the textiles arrived in Gothenburg at some point in the 1930s.

The Paracas textiles were created by the Paracas culture, a group who lived in the southern Peruvian desert from 700 BC to 200 AD. Because of the extremely arid climate of the region, a number of striking textile artifacts were preserved for thousands of years and discovered in 1925 by Peruvian archaeologist Julio C. Tello.