Pisco documentary spotlights spirit’s comeback tale


“Pisco Punch: A Comeback Cocktail Story,” brings Peru to international audiences by taking it back to where it all started.

What would San Francisco be without the Pisco Punch? Perhaps a better question, what would the time-approved cocktail be without the survival story of its main ingredient, pisco?

The grape spirit falls into the spotlight in a new documentary, “Pisco Punch: A Comeback Cocktail Story.”

Highlighted by Natalie B. Compton on Munchies, the food section of Vice, the film gives pisco “the overdue spotlight it deserves.” The journalist notes that the film crew “embarked on a two-year effort to paint a portrait of pisco, Peru, and the titular punch,” a cocktail that has become a specialty of U.S. West Coast city, San Francisco. Besides pisco (a pisco brandy, to be exact), the other stars of the drink include pineapple, lime juice, and distilled water.

Alan Kropf (podcast host, Anchor Distilling Company's executive director of education, and director of the film) and his team traveled to Peru five times.

'œThe hardest part was figuring out the story. It's kind of the Ben-Hur of beverage documentaries,' says Knopf, as quoted by Munchies. 'œ…there’s the human element, the human condition, the human spirit. We didn't know how to tell that.'

The film touches on a political coup that hit the Andean nation in 1968, eventually taking consequence on the economy and thus the pisco business. As one of the commentators in the film notes, pisco essentially disappeared from the map of Peru for “23 eternal years.”

Since then, Peru has made leaps towards recovery, with its gastronomical world enjoying a boom that draws tourism and builds national pride.

Diego Loret de Mola, founder of BarSol pisco and one of many experts interviewed for the film, comments: 'œI think that every market is getting to know Peru again. Peruvian gastronomy is driving the opportunity to get to know Peru.'

“Pisco Punch: A Cocktail Comeback Story” will be released on iTunes this 2017 (official date yet be determined). For more information visit the film’s official website.

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