Virgilio Martínez, Gastón give 2017 food predictions


The chefs behind world renowned restaurants Central and Astrid y Gaston discuss speedy evolution in the kitchen and a lean towards sustainability and health.

While media bigheads focus on where globetrotters should travel in 2017 (thanks for the Peru shout outs, The New York Times and Bloomberg), what can foodies plan for?

New Worlder, a source of food and travel news in the Americas, spoke with a group of chefs about their predictions for the gastronomic landscape of 2017.

Peru’s own super chef, Virgilio Martí­nez, of award-winning Central restaurant, commented upon the short lifespan of trends and propaganda, as quality and ethics in the kitchen become of greater value.

“Cooks, consumers, and producers will be more informed than ever before, as well as more sensitive to the impact that food has in our lives,” Virgilio tells New Worlder. “The small percentage of people in the world who are truly interested and care for ethics and values in the food they consume or prepare will increase.”

Gastí³n Acurio, the godfather of contemporary, mainstream Peruvian cuisine, sees a younger generation proposing innovative, fresh ideas that offer “small experiences” that are much more efficient. He even notes Virgilio as one of the examples in Peru of a chef that keeps sustainability and an “exploratory spirit” at the forefront of his projects.

The article also interviews a familiar face to Living in Peru, Peruvian chef and entrepreneur Martin Morales, who has fully embraced the global concept with his ventures in the UK. Although his response mainly focuses on the draw towards native Peruvian ingredients yet to hit the international market, in general he sees a value of tradition returning to the kitchens.

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Agnes Rivera

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