Quadriplegic makes Machu Picchu dream come true


Philip Stephens, a quadriplegic adventurer from Sydney, is an example that there are no excuses to conquer one's dreams.

January 23, 1978 started out like any other day for Philip Stephens, though later on he would suffer a life changing freak accident while diving. At just 18 years old, it did not stop him from exploring the world and overcoming the obstacles of his condition.

Despite his severe disability, last month, Philip and his friends took a ten-week tour in South America and the crowning moment was reaching the top of Machu Picchu.

Stephens decided to go on this adventure after a friend advised him to climb the Inca ruins. This dream was possible thanks to his good friends and former carer givers, Emiliano Bisson and Marcos Peluffo. Both of them pushed him in his wheelchair, but mainly they took turns to carrying him for the six-hour trek.

When they reached the top the Peruvian World Wonder, it was such an emotional moment for all the three of them. Peluffo told 9 News that they were excited to 'œget to the dream' and didn't want Stephens to miss out on the experience.

It certainly took a lot of physical strength for both of Philip Stephen's friends, but mainly it took him a lot of courage to embark on this adventure.

Machu Picchu is just the start, we will surely hear more from him and his new trips.