No cars in the Central Market


Starting today, vehicular access will be restricted inside Downtown Lima’s main commercial areas, as a way to provide the public an extra security during the end of the year holidays.

The measure includes _jirones_ Ayacucho, Andahuaylas (from Av. Grau to Jr. Junín); Huallaga, Ucayali, Cusco, Puno (from Av. Abancay to Jr. Paruro); and Inambari (from Jr. Andahuaylas to Av. Nicolás de Piérola).

These areas will be closed off, guarded by inspectors who will only allow access to emergency units, patrol cars or business owners. Supply trucks will only be allowed in Mesa Redonda and Central Market from 9 p.m. – 6 a.m.

The vehicle restriction is part of the 2016 Christmas Safety Plan that was presented yesterday by the City of Lima and will regulate the commercial centers of Mesa Redonda and the Central Market during the Christmas and New Year holidays, when these shopping centers become populated by buyers and the general public.

The City of Lima is getting into the holiday spirit as, beginning today, vehicular traffic in downtown will be limited as an extra security measure during the holidays.



Alvaro Tassano