Norway and Peru Strengthen Bond to Promote Innovation


In order to enter the Nordic market, it is important to strengthen and internationalize ventures in agricultural, fishing and manufacturing sectors.

Between November 21 and 24 entrepreneurs from agricultural, fishing and manufacturing sectors met with Stein-Gunnar Bondevik, director of Innovation Norway for South America, José Martínez, senior vice president of the Industry and Technologies sector of EksportKreditt Norge, and the Norwegian ambassador to Chile, Beate Stirø.

Innovation Norway promotes innovation via programs mainly aimed at helping small and medium-sized Norwegian companies associate with counterparts in developing countries.

Last September, five Peruvian companies dedicated to technological services, ecotourism, venture capital, textile, and mining, traveled to Norway to participate in the Oslo Innovation Week, one of the most important events devoted to innovation in Europe.

During the event, Peruvian entrepreneurs learned about the latest technology and how the innovative trend developments in each of its areas. As part of this mission, PROMPERÚ, together with the Chamber of Commerce from Oslo, organized the Peruvian Corporate Day event, providing national companies contact with potential partners for the development of their projects.


Norway offers financing programs to companies from other countries that seek to their acquire goods or services. This is done through EksportKreditt Norge, a state company that can cover up to 85% of the value of the contract signed between a Peruvian company and its Norwegian partner.


Norway is a country of 5.5 million inhabitants and with a GDP per capita of approximately US $ 60,000, considered the highest in Europe. Innovation has become a state policy and this country seeks to become its main platform on the continent.

Together with Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Iceland, Norway is part of the Free Trade Association or EFTA, with which Peru has had a free trade agreement since July 2014.

Peruvian exports to Norway in 2016 reached US$ 30 million, the best sellers being the textile sector.

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