NPR: “In Peru, Folk Remedies Like Frog Smoothies Are Comfort Food”


National Public Radio (NPR) writer Mollie Bloudoff-Indelicato writes about one of Peru’s long-time folk remedies, frog smoothies.

In her “article”: entitled, “In Peru, Folk Remedies Like Frog Smoothies Are Comfort Food” she invites readers with great description to imagine Lima’s Mercado de las Brujas or witches market, where Peruvians find “talismans and ancient medicines.”

She describes the frog smoothies, “made from an entire frog (plus some fresh fruit) for a few dollars,” that are believed by consumers to provide healing properties.

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Bloudoff-Indelicato found out from University of California Berkeley professor, Christine Hastorf, a food anthropologist, that “[i]n Peru, frogs are a symbol of fertility.”

“‘Frog imagery in the Andes is ceremonial and dates back to the days before the Inca conquered the country,'” says Hastorf, according to the “NPR article”:

Quite the story right? It’s no surprise then that in the past year similar headlines have made big-time news publications such as The BBC’s “The country that blends endangered frogs”; The Daily Mail’s “The next green juice craze? Peruvians recommend freshly-blended FROGS as a cure for stress and low sex drives”; Fox News Latino’s “Peruvians claim frog smoothies are a cure-all for asthma, low sex drive”; National Geographic’s “Freaky Remedies: Frog Smoothie Medicine”; or the Travel Channel’s feature “Lima, Peru: Frog Shakes and Fish Sperm.”

Read the full “NPR article here”:



Hillary Ojeda

Hillary moved to Peru in August of 2014 to learn Spanish, live with her family, and pursue writing. Born and raised in Bakersfield, Ca, Hillary earned her B.A. in Anthropology at University of California, Berkeley. Since moving to Peru she drinks fermented potato and coca concoctions daily and is enjoying learning about the abundant and natural andean foods of the country. Hillary hopes one day to become an investigative journalist. You can follow her blog.