“Nuevo Peru” Will Let People Choose the Order of Last Names Given to Newborns


Congresswoman Marisa Glave presented a bill looking to “promote real equality”.

Discrimination based on sex is a delicate subject in Peru. Women keep protesting against violence with thousands of women protesting during Women’s day. Another great example is the movement called “Ni Una Menos”, which has gained in popularity lately.

Now, “Nuevo Peru” looks to empower parents and enable them to decide the order of their children’s last names. The initiative, which entered Congress on November 15, proposes to modify articles of Title III of the First Section of the Law Book of Persons of the Civil Code, which refers to the name and surname of the persons.

Also, Marisa Glave states that, after having reached an agreement, parents register the surname of their descendants in the agreed order. In the said document it can be read that degrees of kinship will not be lost if the first surname belongs to the mother, being a fundamental principle of equality that gives the woman a decision about her own offspring.

In case parents cannot reach an agreement, the first surname of the child must be placed in alphabetical order. In addition, all children of the same marriage must carry the composite integration that the parents chose for the first child.

What do you think about this proposal? Do you think it is a good way to promote equality?

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