NYE in Peru: Where to go and what to expect


New Year’s Eve is just around the corner, and it just so happens to be one of the most popular celebrations in Peru. For Peruvians, it marks the kickoff to new beginnings or the closeout blowout of the year, they sure know how to party! NYE celebrations in Peru range from bonfires on the beach to ritzy rooftop parties. So if you are in the planning stages of your New Year’s plans in Peru, you should consider ringing in 2015 in one of the these three places in Peru.


As the nation’s capital, you are guaranteed an epic New Year’s Eve celebration to fit your liking. The city has everything to offer – club parties where you can dance your way into 2015, special events at bars and hotels, or a rooftop party with some new acquaintances. The possibilities are endless and you are bound to have a good time.

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One thing to be very aware of is the use of fireworks. The light show in “Lima”:http://www.peruforless.com/destinations/destinations-peru-lima.php and the surrounding beaches is not organized or very sophistically coordinated. Limeños shoot fireworks in the streets and off of buildings, and sometimes they fly in other directions other than up. So, it is best to be careful and watch the sky light up from a distance.

While there are people that celebrate New Year’s Eve in Lima, most Limeños go the beaches in the South to bring in the new year. It is somewhat of a tradition to escape the city during the summer months, and NYE is the highlight of the summer fun. The warm sandy beaches of Punta Hermosa, San Bartolo, and Ásia are among the top destinations during this holiday, where the bars, clubs, and restaurants stay open all night and people rent beach houses in order to be close to the action.

If you can’t make it to the beach for the festivities, some of the best places to hang out in Lima for NYE are Larcomar and/or the nearby JW Marriott in Miraflores, any of the bars/restaurants in Barranco, the Jockey Club in Surco, and Club de Regatas in Chorrillos.


You will be hard pressed to find a better New Year’s Eve celebration scene in Peru than in “Cusco”:http://www.peruforless.com/travel-guides/cusco-guide.php, a.k.a the former capital of the Inca Empire.

Lima's Costa Verde
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The Plaza de Armas is the place to be for the end of the year festivities. Starting in the early evening, people begin to fill in the central square where street vendors are selling delicious treats, foods, and beer. People are dancing, playing instruments, and enjoying everyone’s company. Later in the evening, there is usually a concert of sorts with live music of almost every genre. The combination of food, entertainment, people from all walks of life, fireworks and alcohol are the perfect recipe for a good time in Cusco on NYE.

If perhaps the festivities in the plaza seem a bit chaotic for your tastes, there are lots of hotels in the area that offer New Year’s Eve activities on their own property. Such events have been known to include dinner, champagne, live music, dancing, and rooftop views of Cusco, exclusively available to hotel guests.

*Lake Titicaca*

Celebrating the New Year on “Lake Titicaca”:http://www.peruforless.com/destinations/destinations-peru-puno-lake-titicaca.php is truly a once in a lifetime experience. It is the furthest thing from the expected party in the city, but lots of fun and unforgettable, nonetheless. If you fancy spending a holiday in a more low-key fashion, or perhaps make it a romantic getaway with your loved one, then Lake Titicaca is where you need to be on the eve of 2015.

Lima's Costa Verde
_(Photo: Ana Castañeda Cano/Peru for Less)_

Top quality hotels boasting breathtaking views of the lake, such as Titilaka Hotel and Spa, Hotel Libertador and Suasi Island Resort, will be be offering music, dancing and champagne to celebrate the new year. Don’t miss the chance to watch the fireworks illuminate the sky and seemingly dance atop the lake’s surface.

For a more lively and festive NYE scene, visitors can take a short bus ride (about 3 hours) from Puno to Copacabana on the Bolivian side of Lake Titicaca. In Bolivia it is customary to bring the party right to the shore, where people from all walks of life come to ring in the new year.

Whether you are looking to celebrate the arrival of 2015 on a warm sandy beach, in a classy hotel or club, or on a serene quiet lake, Peru makes it all possible. Get ready for 2015 Peruvian style!

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