OAS Emissaries will be at Congress Today


According to PPK’s request, 2 emissaries from the  Organization of American States will be present during the process.

In the middle of great controversy and political tension, arrangements for PPK’s appearance in Congress are being carried out.

The Plenary Session of the Congress that will determine if PPK will be dismissed because of accusations related to Odebrecht. OAS’ delegation that will be arriving in the country and the two emissaries in charge are Gustavo Cinosi and Jean Michel Arrighi.

The first is the secretary of Legal Affairs of the OAS, while the second is the adviser to Luis Almagro. They are expected to arrive in Lima today and their main task is to report on the current political situation in real time. All this was announced by Almagro via his personal Twitter account.

This decision from OAS to send two emissaries to Congress was a response to president Pedro Pablo Kuczynski’s request to have an observer monitor Peru’s current political situation. The letter was sent to Luis Almagro directly.

The request was responded only some hours after being issued by the OAS General Secretary with a positive answer.

What do you think about OAS emissaries in the Congress?

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