On a roll: Peru is one of the top bread consumers


Even those with great self-control find it hard to resist a warm, freshly baked piece of bread that begs to be painted with butter or perhaps topped with avocado. In many households around Peru, a breakfast diet heavy on bread is typical and remains despite health trends to lower, or even ditch completely, carbohydrate intake.

According to a study by the Pan Club, based in Columbia, Peru is ranked as the 7th consumer of bread among a list of 11 Latin American countries. The top Latin American country ranked in bread consumption is Chile, with an estimated 80 kilos per capita.

Peru, keeping true to its competitive history with Chile, will not give up easily it seems. According to projections by Euromonitor, bread consumption in Peru, per capita, will reach 37.2 kilos by the end of 2014 In four years, this quantity is expected to rise more than nine kilos.
The country proves to be carb-friendly among Latin America