An Open Letter from Peru to New Zealand’s Soccer CEO (VIDEO)


Peruvian soccer fan and human rights law professor responds to NZ Soccer CEO’s negative comments about Peru and people are praising him.

The preview of these matches is just like a movie, there are star players under risk of not being able to participate, tickets flying off the shelf and an underdog team about to make history. To ever increase the drama surrounding the upcoming match, there is also a very intense environment.

NZ Football CEO Andy Martin’s comments on wanting to fire up the public to give Peru a hostile welcome (watch more in the video below) when they go to Wellington to face the All Whites in the FIFA World Cup qualifier, has upset both sides of the Pacific. In response to the comment, a Peruvian human rights law professor contacted Men’s magazine from Britain “Stuff” to explain how wrong those comments were.

These are some of the most important bits of said letter:

“NZ Football CEO Andy Martin made few friends on either side of the Pacific after saying Kiwis needed to prepare to give Peru a hostile welcome in the capital next month.”

“When I first knew we were playing New Zealand, I have to admit, there wasn’t much I knew about your gorgeous country. Lord of the Rings, flag referendums, and Hakas; and one of the highest standards of living in the world.” He highlighted many good things about New Zealand.

But then, there was a bitter side, “I soon learned, however, of some unfortunate comments. New Zealand players were celebrating not having to play against teams with “real” international stars like Messi or Alexis Sánchez, but against an “easier” rival, *with no pedigree* such as Peru.”

For this man, the worst part was that the NZ Football Federation seemed to agree with its players. The name Andy Martin has become relatively well known in Peru and for all the wrong reasons.

What do you think about these declarations? How do you think Peru will receive the All Whites? It is known that the team is a little afraid of Peruvian fans.


Photo by El Comercio 

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