Organic Mango from San Miguel Conquering Foreign Markets


Exports do not stop growing in Peru. This innovative option has risen to the top among food products.

This organic mango is usually called “Cajamarquino” and it has considerably increased the living conditions of a hundred producers in the province of San Miguel (Cajamarca). Mango is among the most important fruits exported to many different countries in the world. Peru has proudly become the world’s second-biggest mango exporter.

According to experts, the mini-farm in Cajamarca is the most important productive chain in the area, because it grows this special kind of organic mango called Haden mango, grown by hundreds of farmers, currently having more than 700 hectares of this variety.

Producers and farmers are betting on this product to take it to other markets so that the small producer will get a little more money, a task which is very difficult. However, growing production has helped many institutions a long time ago such as Cedepas Norte, Senasa and the regional government.

Promperú has just approved a trip, through a contest to Germany, for a world fair in the first week of February 2018.  Germany consumes more than 50% of the organic products in the world making this an important event for producers.

Nevertheless, another important event will take place in the province of San Miguel and it is called the 8th Organic Mango Festival from December 8 to 10.

Do you like mangoes? What other fruits do you think can be sported to Europe?

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