Panda Bear Lantern Festival Arrives in Lima


For the first time, a most striking, colorful and entertaining festival of lights will arrive in Lima.

With giant figures of different shapes, fully illuminated in different colors, which represent  Chinese culture, a visual spectacle on display.  The centerpiece of the festival will be an illuminated panda. It will also feature live shows, gastronomy, crafts and dance exhibitions from December 22 to February 12 at the Jockey Club, Parcela H.

This festival is among the three best works exhibited from Chengdu, China and is considered “splendid poetry”. The three-dimensional drawings and sculptures combine shapes, colors, music, and light.

Initially called a lantern exhibition, the festival traces its beginnings to ancient times, turning it into a tradition that over eighteen hundred years old. Combining traditional tools with contemporary elements; it is estimated that around 1 million colored lights will be used in this festival. Among the most outstanding figures is a Dragon that measures more than 60 meters long and weighs 10 tons, is fully decorated with more than 30 thousand pieces of Chinese porcelain cups, plates, dishes, and spoons.

Tickets will be available from December 22 in all modules of Teleticket in Wong and Metro with 15% discount with Cencosud card until February 12, 2018, the price of tickets for adults is S /. 30 and for children it will be S /. 18.



Aris Sandrea

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