Paolo Guerrero Speaks About Sanction (VIDEO)


The captain admitted having ingested teas for flu but ruled out any use of cocaine.

More than outraged. Paolo Guerrero spoke for the first time after the announcement made by FIFA’s Disciplinary Committee that punished him with one year of suspension after the results of the anti-doping test in Peru.

In an exclusive interview for the Brazilian program “Fantastic”, the national scorer explained that he did ingest teas to treat the flu that he suffered in Argentina and a tea for indigestion in Peru, but he assured that he did not consume any type of drug at all.

Paolo said “talking about doping is very difficult, many people do not know, and that’s why they talk about cocaine use, but I want to clarify a bit what is being talked about, my result was not positive, there is a research process, many people talk about cocaine very lightly. It has some components that [together become the substance], but [they are already jumping to the conclusion]of talking about cocaine.”

Guerrero considered very FIFA’s proceeding very unfair and the speed with which it was sanctioned provisionally when a proven result has not been found on the supposed consumption of a prohibited substance.

Paolo said “when the investigation process started, FIFA already punished me for 30 days, very fast. It was a bit unfair, they could not suspend so quickly with an undergoing investigation process. I think they acted like that because it was me. I think it’s unfair. ”

What do you think about Paolo’s opinion?

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