Paolo Guerreros Trial is Today


This Thursday at 8:00 a.m. Paolo Guerrero will face his trial before FIFA’s Disciplinary Committee. His defense must prove that he took a contaminated tea unintentionally.

Only days before the first match against New Zealand, Peru had to face the uncomfortable situation of not having their star and team captain when Paolo Guerrero was suspended for 40 days due to an adverse result in his urine test.

The trial for Paolo Guerrero could last about three hours. The result may be announced the same day, although the judges could also wait until the preventive suspension, which began on November 3, ends.

Paolo Guerrero’s lawyers hope to prove that his client never used cocaine or coca tea (both banned by FIFA), but drank a contaminated tea. A hair test, according to Globoesporte, would prove this to be true. Guerrero´s lawyers remain hopeful about Paolo’s situation. The best “negative” scenario for the Peruvian player is that they only give him six months of suspension. In this way, he should be able to play at 2018 World Cup Russia, since the sanction would start from the day he received the preventive suspension which was issued on November 3.

You can read more about what Paolo Guerrero said about his suspension here.

What do you think the committee will decide?

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