Part Three: The Chilling Secret of “Dr.” John Wang Finale

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The Chilling Secret of “Dr.” John Wang has been revealed. How did the Peruvian public react to the truth of their beloved doctor?

In yesterday’s article, we found out that the writer of this series uncovered the ‘secret’ of the so-called doctor. Not only was John Wang no longer a doctor but his license was taken away in the U.S. for the exact type of abuses he was now employing in Peru.

Part three of a series: The Chilling Secret of “Dr.” John Wang was not received so well when released to the public. Not by those who he had duped into supporting his fraudulent project nor by Wang himself. Reactions were predictable.

Sometimes doing the right thing means stopping people from deliberately doing the wrong thing.

Imported Incompetence

Up into this point of the tale, John Wang is in Peru and has been attempting to practice medicine yet again, but with a chilling secret. A secret that was exposed with a simple Google search and a request for the Wang case from the Massachusett’s Board of Registration for Medicine.

I went to Lima and met with Dr. Carlos Vella Barba who is the head of the Colegio de Medicos, which is the equivalent of the Board of Registration for Medicine, in Peru. I had received information that Wang was attempting to register himself as a doctor in Peru by simply using his medical diploma. Dr. Vella confirmed that Wang is not now nor has he ever been a registered doctor in Peru. Adding that “if he is practicing medicine in Peru at this time he is breaking the law and should be in prison.” A point that he confirmed by letter.

John Wang is a fraud and an impostor.

No words can appropriately describe the profound larceny of trust and confidence that he has deliberately and deceitfully imposed upon the people of Ancash. And also upon the international community who had donated, by his own admission, over US$ 240,000 toward his medical mission. A medical mission that, more than a year later, proved to be nothing more than mere superficial dabbling in a handful of villages, a far cry from the 1000+ children he had claimed to have come to treat and a constellation of other unfulfilled promises.

To be fair, I made a careful search in an attempt to find any rehabilitation and reinstatement of John Wang’s medical credentials. If such documentation exists, nothing appears on the internet to verify or confirm it. In fact, one reason given by the Board of Registration of Medicine for his revocation was the absence of evidence to rehabilitate his medical misconduct. I contacted the American Medical Association which has no record of this John Wang listed as a member. To my knowledge, Wang has not attempted to offer a hint of proof to anyone to confirm that he is currently in good standing with any medical review board.

When asked for his medical credentials, he offhandedly claimed he must have left them back in the United States or he’ll fly into a tantrum to deter further inquiries. His many interviews, speeches, and promises are likened to the Wizard of Oz; the promises of a brain, a heart, courage and a free ride back to Kansas were all part of the charade only later to find out that he was just an old man behind a curtain throwing switches and banging buttons while ranting about his incredible powers as the munchkins all trembled.

He claims that God sent him to Peru.

Perhaps a more accurate statement would be that Wang came to Peru where he hoped his medical malfeasance and incompetence could not follow him? Claiming to come in the name of God for instant credibility is utterly shameless, but not beneath Wang, so it seems. Recently in 2014, in Huaraz, he diagnosed a man named Aldo as having parasites only later to be told that he had epilepsy since childhood. No medical exam or specimen analysis had even been performed to support Wang’s erroneous diagnosis. A medical diagnosis based on nothing more than a hunch. Wang went so far as to inform the man’s boss that he is contagious and caused him to be terminated from his job as a result.

In Wang’s unmitigated arrogance, he accepted an offer to be the cardiologist in the new municipal clinic sitting smugly in his office treating patients all the while knowing he was banned for life from being in such a position. It was just another part of the lie he was living and expecting others to believe, just because he told it so well.

Knowingly giving inadequate and improper medicine, the exact same medicine, to every child is irresponsible and grossly negligent by any standard. And dangerous. Practicing medicine without a license is criminal. Whether formal charges will be filed against Wang is a determination the Fiscalia will have to make.

A statement in Wang’s State Supreme Judicial Court appearance shares this viewpoint, “The Board concluded that the substandard care was so far-reaching that the charges reflected Wang’s present fitness and ability to practice medicine. The serious nature of the charges warranted action by the Board despite the passage of time. The charges pointed to Wang’s dishonest and irresponsible attitude and reflected directly on his capacity to function as a physician.” The Board of Registration for Medicine of Massachusetts stated, “The Respondent (Wang) by his standard of substandard practice, his misguided judgement in attempting to cover up his errors and his irresponsibility of address patient care matters brought to his attention is guilty of conduct which calls into question his competence to practice medicine, including gross misconduct in the practice of medicine, practicing medicine fraudulently, practicing beyond its authorized scope and practicing with gross incompetence and negligence on repeated occasions.” 

The questions that everyone should be asking now are this: Wang has obviously lied to everybody about everything, so what is his true purpose and intentions for coming to Peru? Why has he so notoriously embraced everyone of prominence and power? Whatever his motivations were, they apparently were important enough, in his thinking, to risk exposure, public outrage, and criminal prosecution.

Wang’s arrogance in defying anyone to question him and vilifying anyone who does, clearly indicates that John Wang is the same man today that compelled two government agencies in the United States to ban him from ever practicing medicine again. Ironically, it was that same arrogance that sparked my own suspicions which ultimately revealed his fraud.

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