Part Two of a Three Part Series; The Chilling Secret of “Dr.” John Wang

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Dr. John Wang made lovely promises to desperate and vulnerable people.  They praised the “doctor”. But was he ever even a doctor at all?

As you recall from the last article, “Dr.” John Wang arrived in Huaraz claiming to be a medical doctor on a humanitarian mission to cure 1,000 children with parasites in Ancash. Some incredible claims began to seem like a pill too big to swallow… 

Promises Promises Promises

John Wang’s promises did not stop with children and their parents in the poor Pueblos of Ancash. In meetings throughout Huaraz, he made promises at every stop. To Doctor Douglas Lopez, then chief of the local hospital, he promised to write a paper about his findings regarding parasites in the Ancash region and make him a co-author which he claimed would be published internationally in prestigious medical journals. He also promised to give Frida, who owns a private laboratory, a spot as co-author as well as medical laboratory equipment. He promised to give expensive microscopes to every clinic, the hospital, and laboratory.

These forty-five phantom microscopes were allegedly in storage in Lima and have yet to be seen. There had been no explanation as to why Wang had not arranged to have this expensive equipment delivered to Huaraz where they are critically needed. The promises continued. There was a young man, Umberto, who had been disabled after a tree fell on his leg. X-rays showed that a hip replacement was needed. In a conference with Umberto, Wang confirmed that the hip and socket needed to be replaced. He went on to assert that he knew a company in Boston that makes the parts and that he would contact them, as a doctor, and impose upon them to donate the necessary parts. It would be necessary to fly to Boston he told Umberto, to meet with the company officials and bring the parts back for surgery. He indicated that Umberto’s church would need to show significant financial support for Umberto demonstrating that they have done all they could to help. What funds are lacking, perhaps the company will cover the difference, the “doctor” told Umberto and the church. Umberto, his brother, and his pastor glowed with gratitude.

Later, I asked Wang about this apparent long shot help coming from a company that he had not even contacted, to give a $20,000 part to a man in Peru they knew nothing about, and waive the difference in cost, which was clearly going to be large. Wang responded that it was a long shot indeed, probably not even possible, but the positive publicity surrounding the efforts, the recognition to the mayor and himself and the fact that it ingratiated himself into the man’s church was worth it. He stated that he did not lie because he actually promised nothing, only that he would try. This deceptive effort was intended to garner some free publicity and gain support in the community based on what may amount to only a token effort and later claims of misunderstandings. And, of course, a free trip to Boston with the church’s “significant financial support”.

Wang appeared to be a clever master of word games, manipulations, mental gymnastics and wildly exaggerated claims of his own abilities to provide anything anybody asked for, providing they would support him. Forever promising what he knew he could not deliver while basking in praise and recognition for his perceived efforts, as well as free goods and services.

Of all his promises, I had not seen one fulfilled. I continued to make notes and observe him.

The Truth Is Revealed

I was seeing too many cracks in his foundation to have any confidence in the structure that Wang was building. I decided to Google the name Dr. John Wang and see what popped up. Then it all made sense. I had seen enough of Wang in action by this time that this discovery did not surprise me at all. It only confirmed my suspicions of him.

John Wang vs. Board of Registration of Medicine, Massachusetts, 1988.

The good doctor is not a doctor at all. He faced the Board of Registration of Medicine where his medical competence and practices were seriously questioned. Included in the allegations of medical misconduct, gross incompetence and negligence were: 1) falsely describing his professional background claiming that he was trained in insertions of permanent pacemakers at Boston hospital, 2) failure to respond to emergency calls of critically ill patients, 3) the inappropriate treatment of five patients, 4) four occasions of misinformed opinions on patient conditions not based on information found in the patient records, 5) misstated clinical results in one patient’s records and, 6) fraudulent practice of medicine, or beyond its scope or with gross negligence, gross incompetence or with repeated negligence.

On March 16, 1988, Wang’s license to practice medicine was revoked in the State of Massachusetts.

The official report stated, “The Board concluded that Dr. Wang, by his pattern of substandard practice, his misguided judgment in attempting to cover up his errors and his failure to responsibly address patient care matters brought to his attention is guilty of conduct which calls into question his competence to practice medicine. Wang was not available to critically ill patients, repeatedly made a diagnosis without following proper hospital guidelines and medical criteria that he failed to pursue information which would have given a more accurate diagnosis and gave inappropriate medicines which exposed patients to serious side effects. Wang disregarded constructive criticism, refused to respond to patient care concerns and made efforts to recast information in patient records to justify his treatment.”

Wang appealed to the Massachusetts State Superior Court which reviewed and fully supported the Board’s findings. The official report, running four dozen pages, reveals Wang’s gross incompetence and negligence in greater detail. The pertinent sections are public information on the internet.

Permanently banned from ever practicing medicine in Massachusetts, Wang undeterred, had slipped over to New Hampshire…

John Wang vs. Board of Registration of Medicine, New Hampshire 1992.

Wang applied for a medical license in the neighboring state of New Hampshire while embroiled with his Massachusett’s revocation. On the application, the question was asked whether he had ever had his medical registration revoked, denied or restricted in any other state. He evaded the truth by neither acknowledging nor denying his revocation issues. In subsequent renewal applications he plainly stated “no”. According to published reports, the words “Wang deceitfully and fraudulently applied for his medical license” have been used.

His undetected deceit allowed him to continue to practice medicine there until it was discovered that his medical license was revoked for gross incompetence, medical misconduct and gross negligence in Massachusetts. Wang was brought before the Board of Registration of Medicine in New Hampshire where he was again determined to be incompetent to practice medicine by that state as well (John Wang vs. Board of Registration of Medicine of New Hampshire, 1991-92). His license was revoked yet again on March 5, 1992. The years of appeals filed by Wang concluded at the State Supreme Judicial Court which upheld the Board’s decision to revoke Wang’s medical license.

In the interest of public safety and welfare, New Hampshire banned him from practicing medicine.

It should be noted that the initial issues of medical misconduct, gross incompetence, and negligence against Wang were first brought to light in 1972 through 1974. His attorney was successful in having those court records sealed from public view for more than a decade. Therefore, Wang vs. Board of Registration of Medicine, Massachusetts, 1989 is the first public information available followed by Wang vs. Board of Registration of Medicine, New Hampshire, 1991.

Wang did not deny many of the allegations against him but chose to defend himself against the charges by challenging the Board’s authority to sanction him. The entire Massachusetts decision and sanction order issued by the Board of Registration of Medicine is now public information in its entirety upon written request.

What will happen next in this twisting and turning true tale? Check back in with us tomorrow to find out what happens when all is revealed in Peru!


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