Pastoruri, Ancash


Our group was composed of my daughters Claudia and Monica, their husbands Juan Carlos and David, my aunt Teolinda, my niece Andrea and me.
We went to Huaraz and stayed at a very cozy Hostel. Had nice weather, sunny, it was the end of May beginning of June.
We visited Pastoruri Nevado (see pictures), Lagoon 69 a 5 hour trekking trip going up and down hill, Lake Llanganuco, Chavin de Huantar ruins with the amazing Estela de Raimondi (see pictures), etc.
Spectacular views, nice city Huaraz, good food.
The Pastoruri Nevado impressed me the most. Snow top mountain, blue sky. The altitude – over 5,000 meters didn’t bother us much, probably because we were too busy taking pictures and admiring the scenery.
We saw the Puyas Raimondi (see picture), astonishing plants, very tall. When it blossoms it has from 4000 to 5000 flowers!!!
I’d recommend to always go trekking, hiking or any other activity with a guide – very important not to get lost, or have any type of accident. You can find very qualified guides, hiking gear and vehicles in Huaraz.
Set your camera to the highest quality. Wear hat, sun block and mosquito repellent. Hiking boots is a must. Don’t eat too much or too much fruit to avoid the infamous soroche. Take your time to rest from time to time.
We loved it!!!! We wanted more