Patricia Aguilar Is Reunited With Her Father In Peru


Spanish woman Patricia Aguilar, released a few weeks ago in Peru after being captured by the leader of a presumed sect, has been finally reunited with her father thanks to the efforts of the Peruvian Ministry of Women, social services and psychologists who carry the case.

“This has been reported by the family of Patricia Aguilar in a statement”, wrote La Vanguardia. They also informed that Patricia was able to speak with her mother and brother through a video call.

Since Patricia was released she has remained in a shelter of the Women’s Ministry of Peru, where both she and her baby (which was a month old when she was rescued) are being treated for the malnutrition they suffered during their stay for over a year in the middle of the Peruvian jungle.

Currently, Patricia’s family is dealing with administrative procedures so that she and the baby can travel to Spain. One of the problems they are dealing with is the fact that the baby doesn’t have a birth certificate since she delivered it in the middle of the jungle with no medical attention. After having this document they would be able to travel to Europe.

“They have highlighted that the Ministry of Women, the National Registry of Identification and Civil Status of Peru, the Spanish Consulate and the City Council of Elche ‘are collaborating so that all necessary steps are taken as soon as possible’ and to bring Patricia and her baby as soon as possible to Spain following the advice of psychologists specialized in recruitment”, La Vanguardia explained.

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