Pelo Madueño (INTERVIEW)


Alma de 80’s quiero estar junto a ti’ (Soul of the 80’s, I want to be next to you)… That infectious song goes round my head every time I hear the name Jorge ‘Pelo’ Madueño, and how could I forget his insane performace on Ciudad de M, the great hole that he left in Narcosis, La Liga de Sueños, his participation with Miki Gonzales and El Enredo. But Pelo is more than a musician, he’s also a producer and nowadays he’s even a professor of Musical Sciences.

*How do you feel about being part of this ‘Woodstock’ style festival in our central jungle?*

All of us in the band are very pleased to be part of Selvámonos this year… Playing in the open air is always special, and even more so when the festival offers an environment of art and performances in natural surroundings.

*What are you hoping for at Oxapampa?*

I’m hoping, not in order, all of this: fruit, water, cheeses, nature, friendship, bees, relaxation, fun, and a return to hippiness participating in a life in community.

*What are your expectations from the Selvámonos festival?*

I believe that this festival is achieving – thanks to its perserverance and efforts – a special and unique place within the national stage. Not only for the tremendous work that there is in putting together such a big and special international lineup (and with the decentralization against it), but rather for the cultural policy that it works with, involving visual and performance arts on its program. This very European festival format offers its visitors a complete and enriching experience on every level. And, I believe that it will gain more position each time on an international level, now that it’s got an enormous attraction for artists from the rest of the world.

*What repertoire can your fans expect?*

A special one for the date. We’ll center ourselves on more quality material from my repetoire, from my three solo albums, and some songs from La Liga del Sueño, the songs that have more roots or folk, the idea is that the music achieves the aim of joining together the music with the magic of the surroundings.

*Rock legend Pelo Madueño will be gracing the main stage at Selvámonos on Friday, June 27 at 10 p.m. He’s one not to miss!*Pelo Madueño is a household name in Peru. He’s playing at Selvámonos this coming Friday and Peru this Week asked him what he was expecting from the festival and his time in Oxapampa.