Peru: 2 of Out Every 100 Denounced for Corruption go to Prison

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Though corruption costs Peru more than 1% of its annual GDP, only 2 of out every 100 cases result in imprisonment.

RPP Noticias reports an alarming figure: 2 out of every 100 corruption denouncements actually result in prison for the accused.

According to Oxford Business Group’s 2017 report for Peru, experts estimate the cost to be at least 1% of the country’s entire GDP.

The report from RPP includes a map showing the regions of Peru where the highest number of denouncements are reported.  Lima leads by far with 6,000, and it is followed by Ancash and Junín with over 2,000 denouncements each.

That Lima is in the lead is to be expected as around a third of the country’s population lives there. When it comes to paralyzed investments due to corruption, however, Ancash currently has over S/ 170 million worth of public investment stalled while Lima has S/ 140 million.

The incumbent government of Pedro Pablo Kuczynski has promised to take a strong stance against corruption.

Last year, he signed a law passed by Congress that ensures that no one who has any corruption charge against them may serve in the public sector again.

If this law is to be effective, those with corruption denouncements must actually be investigated and charged which may require reforms of Peru’s justice system.  If not, the same story is likely to continue.

Arresting every 2 out of 100 just may not suffice.  What do you think?



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