Peru Among Top Countries to Export the Most to China


Commercial exchange between China and Peru was the largest one in the region, growing up to 25%.

It is not a secret that Peruvian economy is growing a lot, this can be clarified by checking its evolution in the month of October. Exports have played an essential role in this growth, with 2017 as a year of impressive improvement and increase despite obstacles.

For instance, China is among the most important countries with relations of export-import with Peru.

A report by the name of “Estimates of Trade Trends in Latin America and the Caribbean” revealed that Peru had a 25% growth in its exports to China, only surpassed by Venezuela with 28%. Other countries among the first positions in the board are Colombia with 19%, Brazil with 18% and lastly, Ecuador with 16%.

The report concludes that these countries owe their growth to their large production of raw materials and their marked economic dependence on the Asian giant.

It should be remembered that Peru exports to China raw materials such as copper and other concentrated minerals, fishmeal and also agricultural products, such as blueberries and grapes.

These 5 countries of South America are the ones that pushed the growth of exports from Latin America and the Caribbean to China, which closed 2017 with a growth of 30%. Said growth of shipments to China tripled during the last year.

Do you think the economic relationship between Peru and China will keep increasing?

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