Peru and Ecuador meet to benefit border area residents


Despite a history of conflict, Peru and Ecuador have chosen to move forward and work together to benefit residents of both South American countries. Foreign Ministers Gonzalo Gutierrez (Peru) and Ricardo Patiño (Ecuador) met October 7 at the Neighborhood Commission Meeting, held in the Ecuadorian capital city Quito.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss and furthering development of bilateral projects. In a way, Tuesday’s meeting can be seen as a blueprint for the upcoming gathering of both participating countries’ respective presidents. President Humala, of Peru, will travel to Arenillas come October 30 to meet with Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa.

According to Minister Gutierrez, what we managed to advance today will be very significant for upcoming meetings between our presidents and other Cabinet members.

The future Binational Cabinet meeting will discuss the development of mine clearance work along the shared border, as well as joint infrastructure projects and even cooperation concerning the education sector.

In 1998, Peru’s then-president, Fujimori, signed the 1998 Brasilia Peace
Accords agreement along with Ecuador’s acting president, Jamil Mahuad. The agreement put a supposed end to the border dispute between the two countires.
Foreign ministers of the two countries focused upon development rather than conflict.