Peru and South Korea co-produce first KT-1P plane in Lima


Peru presented its first KT-1P plane co-produced and manufactured in Lima today, after an agreement with South Korea that plans to give the country 20 new planes.

An agreement with South Korea’s Aerospace Industries and the Peruvian government has granted Peru a total of 20 planes to be built, 16 of which will be co-produced here in the country.

Today, the first plane completed in the country is being featured. Last October the first two completed in Korea were presented to Peru, leaving many yet to be produced.

According to El Comercio Peru paid US$ 208.8 million for the program to produce 20 new aircraft. The planes will be equipped with digital display programming, communication and oxygen systems, video recording equipment, and they will be capable of holding arms such as machine guns, rocket launchers, and bombs.

The Minister of Defense of Peru, Peter Cateriano, told Gestion that the country is looking to become a producer of aircraft and parts in the long term. The Ministry hopes to be a major producer in the region to eventually export the materials.

In addition to integral government payments to make this possible, Gestion reports that other private interests are involved in the execution as well. An agreement between South Korea and Peru will bring Peru 20 new aircraft