Peru: Authorities take steps to ensure Holy Week safety


The police director of the Lima region urged citizens not to post their Holy Week travel plans on social networks. The information could be used by criminals, Luis Miguel Praeri Burga said.

The warning is just one of many steps being taken by authorities to promote safety and security during Holy Week, as millions of Peruvian are expected to hit the road between Wednesday and Sunday.

According to El Comercio, more than 22,000 police officers will be deployed nationwide this week. In Lima, special focus will be paid on the beaches and campsites to which city-dwellers flock. 3,700 highway patrolmen will be deployed to the country’s roads as well.

SUTRAN, the country’s superintendency for transportation, is launching a special campaign to enforce safety standards for the country’s bus fleet. Elvira Moscoso, head of the effort, said that, “The inspection will be of the basic electric system. They’ll check the ignition system, the tires, that the bus has a valid technical inspection certificate, seat belts, fire extinguishers, first aid kit and that the external lights all work.”

She also recommended that passengers only take legal buses departing from authorized bus stops and stations, according to El Comercio.

Officals are hoping to ensure safety during Holy Week, when millions of Peruvians will travel.