Peru avocados to get ´social´ with U.S. consumers


The Peruvian Avocado Commission (PAC) has some interesting ideas in store to reach U.S. consumers of the fatty fruit. According to the association, interactive sites such as Pinterest and Instagram will be used to hold sweepstakes and recipe contests to encourage the consumerism and consumption of the Peruvian avocado.

As explained by Xavier Equihua, PAC´s CEO, “in order to establish Avocados from Peru as a solid, premium brand that’s firmly planted in the United States, the information we provide on the Internet has to be smart, relevant, and engaging”. This can entail anything from recipes posted by Peruvian chefs, helpful tips or even tantalizing photos of the popular fruit.

Implementation of technological and communication tools has resulted in rapid growth and interest for the egg-shaped fruit. Since having established the official Facebook page not even two months ago, PAC has gained more than 29,000 ‘Likes’. The interest is obvious as the page provides a plethora of recipes and even offers unique uses for the avocado, such as face masks.

Even during the avocado´s off-season months, social media sites will allow international consumers and producers to stay engaged and remain updated with photos, recipes and information.

Avocado lovers from all over are encouraged to use the website- check it out here but beware of the instant cravings you will experience!A campaign is set to engage consumers and strengthen image abroad.