Peru captures two suspected Shining Path members


Peruvian authorities announced the capture of two suspected Shining Path members, this month.

Police announced Sunday they had captured Vira Beatriz Balladares Sánchez, who is thought to have aided the Shining Path terrorist group.

50-year-old Ballardes, also known was ‘Comrade Betty’, was apprehended in Los Olivos, where she had been in hiding since January, local radio RPP said.

Peruvian authorities, RPP said, had been searching for Ballardes since 2009, after an anti-terrorism court called for her arrest.

Police said Ballardes is thought to have aided the Shining Path with logistic work in the provinces of Sanchez Carrion and Santiago de Chuco, in La Libertad.

Last week Peruvian authorities also announced they had captured Jack Rider Marin Gomez, a suspected member of the Shining Path, who operated in the region of San Martin.

>A recent poll carried out by Datum International found that 93 percent of > Peruvians believe the Shining Path terrorist group is still a threat to the country.

Peruvian authorities have announced they have captured two suspected Shining Path members.