Peru and Chile’s Leaders Meet in Historic Reunion

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Over 100 bilateral agreements were signed between Chile and Peru at the 1st ever binational cabinet between the 2 neighbor countries.

Peru and Chile have long held one of South America’s most heated rivalries.  Once, they were even mortal enemies, as the bloody echoes of the War of the Pacific (1879-1883) attest.  The war resulted in the defeat of the Peru-Bolivian alliance and territory loss by both countries against the English-backed Chilean forces.

In recent years, Peru and Chile have “fought” over everything from maritime borders to soccer to who is the true originator of pisco.  Last week, the 2 countries decided to put all of that aside in order to reach long-needed official agreements between them.

Andina reports that Peru’s President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (PPK) highlighted that this was an event of historic proportions, for it was the 1st ever binational cabinet in nearly 200 years of nationhood between Peru and Chile.

Over 100 agreements were signed on 5 major themes: social and cultural affairs, security, foreign investment and technology, environment and energy, and border integration.

Emphasized at the meetings was the fact that Peru and Chile not only share a common history but also a “similar vocation for sustainable development,” reports Ahora Noticias.

Chilean President Michelle Bachelet stated the importance of the meeting in the context of democratic development, peace, and respect for human rights.  In a time of growing uncertainty in the world, it seems appropriate that the 2 countries look to put aside their relatively minor squabbles in order to move forward together in friendship.

PPK and Michelle Bachelet recognize their important partnership as representatives of 2 of the 4 countries in the Pacific Alliance, a trade bloc shared with Colombia and Mexico as well as the participation of 52 observer countries.

Will positive relations continue between them?  Let us know what you think here at Living in Peru.



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