Was Peru the Country That Grew Most in the Region This Year?


Julio Velarde, president of the Central Reserve Bank, said that Peru has been the country to grow the most in the region.

It is not a secret that 2018 is looking good for investors interested in Peru. Transportation and mining are two of the most important sectors for investors for this coming year.

The president of the Central Reserve Bank, Julio Velarde, said on Wednesday that the country’s economy has improved in comparison to other countries in the region. During his speech in the CADE 2017, he stated, that people cannot forget that the country has grown the most in recent years.

He also mentioned, Peru went through a much stronger crisis than the one Greece is experiencing now and although there was no civil war, high inflation and low growth were impressively radical during the 70’s and 80’s. He stressed the importance of never going back.

In comparison to other years, the economy has been shown a progressive recovery year by year. Nevertheless, Velaverde mentioned corruption cases from Odebrecht. These corruption cases were addressed and rumors about financing president PPK clarified.  Another important issue in Peru has been the coastal phenomenon El Niño, the cause of most of the investment for 2018 being focused on reconstruction.

Do you think Peru will keep growing in coming years?

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