Peru Declares North Korea’s Ambassador ‘Persona Non-Grata’

(Photo: El Comercio)

Peru gives North Korea’s ambassador 5 days to leave the country and his response showed great displeasure with the decision.

Peru formally declared North Korea’s ambassador as ‘persona non-grata’ and gave him a limit of 5 days to leave the country.

The decision was a response to North Korea’s violations of resolutions made by the United Nations Security Council. Peru joins the UN Security Council in 2018 after their recent election as a non-permanent member.

The ambassador, Kim Hak-Chol, told the press that the decision was like “throwing gasoline on the fire” as well as lacking “judicial and moral reasoning.”

Reuters informs that this action comes in wake of a United States request for Latin American countries to expel North Korea’s ambassadors. Mexico also sent their North Korean ambassador home a week before Peru did the same.

Is Peru’s government’s decision the right one for world security or just adding more “fuel to the fire”?

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