Peru Declares The Tatash Dance As Cultural Heritage


The Ministry of Culture recognized the tatash dance as a cultural patrimony of the nation. This is a dance based on the cultivation of potatoes, the country’s main tuber, where there are more than 3,200 varieties.

The Peruvian Minister of Culture, Patricia Balbuena, delivered the resolution in the city of Huánuco, capital of the central region where the tatash dance is practiced, said Gestión today.

“The tatash dance is the living expression of the memory of the people who connect the past with the present”, said Balbuena to the media. He added that this dance, as well as the entire Peruvian culture, reminds us who we are and to transmit it to other generations.

According to information from Gestión, the tatash dance celebrates the agricultural activity, fundamental within the cosmovision, the social organization and the economy of the Andean cultures of Peru.

During the realization of the dance, the process of the traditional production of the potato is staged. “From the selection of the land, its cleaning, its plowing, and its sowing, until its harvest and storage”, said this media.

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