Peru Developed New Quinoa Resistant To Plagues


Quinoa producers were severely affected last year after El Niño caused large damages to crops.

A new type of quinoa, resistant to plagues and drought was recently developed at the National University of Altiplano.

According to information from Peru Reports, “Angel Mujica, a professor and scientist at the university, stated that the new quinoa types that had been developed are resistant to plague and tough weather conditions and could ultimately yield a production of up to 1,250 kilograms per hectare compared to the going average of 800 kilograms per hectare of quinoa farmed.”

This quinoa is a result of a cross between genetically distant and closely related varieties, and it will debut in 2019.

Representatives from the National University of Altiplano will help with distribution of the seeds to farmers in Peru’s high plateau areas of Puno, which grows an estimated 80 percent of all quinoa in the country.”, Peru Reports informed.

After entire quinoa crop fields were lost because of El Niño last year, this is a great solution for the producers of this grain, which has been gaining more and more popularity worldwide.

“President Martín Vizcarra has planned increased funding for reconstruction projects on farms and town infrastructure in the areas most heavily affected like Piura”, you can read in Peru Reports.

(Cover Photo Wikimedia Commons)

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