Peru Drafting Plans to Reduce Violence Rates


Domestic violence and aggression have been identified as priority issues in Peru as the government seeks to reduce rates.

The head of state, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (PPK), stressed that the Government is working to reduce the rates of violence in the country, as well as to promote equal opportunities for men and women. President PPK stated that in Peru, unfortunately, in the last decades, a culture of violence has grown, and something must be done.

The President condemned the cases of deaths and aggressions recorded in recent months and pointed out that the violence, throughout history, has never proved to be the solution to anything.

Citizens have shown their support for any plan related to the reduction of domestic violence. Notably, contestants in a beauty pageant spoke out against domestic violence.

President PPK highlighted that a lot more investment is needed. He said that Peru has 1,900 districts, but there are police stations in only 1,400 districts; there are many districts that do not have police stations. Kuczynski said that a plana is already underway, but stressed that it must be a state policy that transcends more than one level of government.

He added, throughout this process, there is special attention needed for people with disabilities and the most vulnerable in the national territory.


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