Peru Eliminates Barriers for Investments


Indecopi wishes to encourage authorities to voluntarily eliminate bureaucratic barriers.

In a clear advance for the competitiveness of the country, Indecopi (National Institute for the Defense of Competition and the Protection of Intellectual Property) reported the elimination of 3,288 bureaucratic barriers that hindered the access or permanence of economic agents in the market.

El Peruano informed that this economic access meant an indirect economic impact of 578.4 million soles in 2017, that is, 2.167% higher than that obtained in 2016, which was 25.5 million soles.

“The institution, in that way, recognized the entities that voluntarily eliminated bureaucratic barriers and those that implemented preventive measures to avoid their imposition during the last semester of 2017”, El Peruano wrote.

Indecopi’s purpose is to encourage the authorities to voluntarily eliminate bureaucratic barriers for the benefit of the economy, such as illegal bureaucratic barriers.

The ranking on bureaucratic barriers is prepared semiannually in the context of preventive work in favor of the elimination of provisions that make the country less competitive, in accordance with the Law on the Prevention and Elimination of Bureaucratic Barriers, said El Peruano on Tuesday.

Some of the measures to eliminate these barriers are to require the presentation of a valid copy of the power of the legal representative to perform procedures before the commune or the ministry; and the requirement to submit letters of guarantee as a requirement to obtain the authorization to operate a conversion certifying entity.

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