Peru Enables Online System for Refuge Request


This system is available for anyone that wishes to request refuge in the Inca country.

The Chancellery of Peru reported on Wednesday that an online appointment system was activated for people that wish to request refuge in this country.

The measure is aimed primarily at Venezuelans who wish to migrate to Peru because of the political and socio-economic crisis affecting Venezuela. Nevertheless, it can be used by people with other citizenships.

Any Interested person can register their appointment by following electronic address:, entering the requested data,” reads a statement released by this instance on its Twitter account, said El Nacional.

The email was also activated to answer questions from people interested in this alternative.

Recently, Peru granted the opportunity for Venezuelans in Peru to obtain a Temporary Residence Permit since more than 8,000 people holding this nationality have entered the country every month since January 2017.

Nevertheless, there are people who oppose this measure, such as Justiniano Apaza, Congressman for the Frente Amplio party, who proposed to restrict or regulate immigration to Peru from Venezuelans.

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