Peru Exports US$ 5.5 Billion to the European Union


Peru is the leading exporter in the region. One of their most solid relationships at a global scale is with the European Union.

The Free Trade Agreement between Peru and the European Union came into force almost 5 years ago and has already resulted in an immense increase in the volume of exports from Peru to the European Union.

The European Union is currently the third most important market for Peru, according to the European Union ambassador in Peru. The most profitable sector seems to be agricultural exports. It has also been stated that the Brexit will not affect Peruvian exports to any of the countries in Europe, with the ambassador stating that the United Kingdom is not among the main markets for Peruvian exports.

Currently, Peruvian Superfoods are among the products with the highest value. Growing 230%  last year. and attracting more than 2,000 Peruvian companies to become exporters.

An outstanding performer has been avocados, which have become the second most popular export product for the EU, after copper. Additionally, Mango is becoming one of the most exported products in Peru.

What do you think about the outcome of this Free Trade Agreement so far? Do you think it will be the same with other countries such as India and Australia?

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