Peru faces off against Bolivia


A day before the match, hundreds of faithful Peruvian fans crossed the border into Bolivia to see the match between the two countries, set to kick off today at 3:00pm local time (CMD or ATV) in the city of La Paz, as part of the qualifying matches for Russia 2018.

The immigration office in Peru, located in the border town of Desaguadero in Puno, reported having long lines of visitors trying to make their way through their border control as they continue their journey towards the capital city of Bolivia.

Peruvian fans bought red and white shirts, hats and headbands to cheer them on. Expectation is huge for the fans, who traveled from far to encourage the national team.

Peru needs a win after a loss to Chile and a tie at home to Venezuela during the first round of the World Cup qualifying matches. Both teams have had a dismal World Cup history in recent years. Bolivia hasn’t reached the cup since USA 1994 and Peru hasn’t since Spain 1982, 34 long years.



Alvaro Tassano