Peru: Fifth Ranked Exporter of Grapes in World


Exports won’t stop growing.

Exporting has become a very important area that can be exploited, they are expected to reach their peak by the end of the year. A great example of that is mango, which produces up to 213 million USD. It is worth mentioning that, regarding grapes production, Peru is currently third in productivity per hectare reaching 21,498 kg/ha.

Peru has established itself as the worlds fifth largest exporter of grapes, after having conquered 40 international markets, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation. It is not surprising taking into account Peru is currently the leader in exports in the region. Thus, when it comes to grapes, Peru is only surpassed by China, USA, Italy, Spain, and France, which ranked in the top five places as the largest producers in the world.

The high productivity of the Peruvian grape exceeds the world average yield, which is 10,457 kg/ha.

Right now seems to be an important moment for Peruvian exports. The free trade agreement between the European Union and Peru have exponentially increased the volume of exports, making it a very important area of the Peruvian economy. Exports are expected to keep increasing and new free trade agreements are already under discussion for upcoming years.

Peru still needs to increase the amount of territory it has designated to harvesting grapes since it is currently ranked 30th, behind several neighboring countries, such as Argentina (226,388 hectares), Chile (198,028 hectares) and Brazil (78,765 hectares).

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