Peru gears up for the Bolivarian Games


The torch of the Bolivarian games has arrived in Peru and is now making its way through the streets of Lima. The games will take place in the city of Trujillo, the principal seat of the games, and the two sub-seats of Lima and Chiclayo.

Mayor Susana Villarán welcomed the torch and foreign athletes to Peru. Andina news agency reports that Villarán told press “Lima is Bolivarian, it’s a sub-seat of these 17th Bolivarian Games. We are very happy to raise up the values of sport with these 10 countries that we’re welcoming. The athletes will demonstrate their great spirit for promoting the values that our society needs.”

President Ollanta Humala also got in on the fun, receiving the torch in the Patio of Honor in the Palacio del Gobierno.

Andina reports that the opening ceremony for the games will be held in Chan Chan stadium and will celebrate the wealth and beauty of Peruvian traditions and folklore.

Andina reports that the game brings together athletes from the Bolivarian countries (that is, traditionally associated with historical liberator Simón Bolívar) of Venezuela, Panama, Ecuador, Colombia, Chile and Bolivia, as well as invited guests El Salvador, Guatemala, Paraguay and the Dominican Republic. Games in Trujillo and sub-seats of Lima and Chiclayo will begin begin on Nov. 16 and last until the end of the month.



Rachel Chase is a proud born-and-bred Minnesotan who’s moved to Lima after graduating from Gustavus Adolphus College with a double major in Spanish and Latin American, Latino, and Caribbean Studies. During her junior year of college, Rachel studied in Peru and loved it so much that she just had to come back. As well as being a dedicated News Editor, Rachel plays the ukulele and sings, as well as trying to devour as many books as she can.