Peru Goal Celebration Sets Off Earthquake Alerts in Lima


Qualifying for the World Cup is an amazing feeling for any country. However, for Peru, it was even more special since the team has missed out on the past 9 World Cups.

In this article, you can review the highlights from Wednesday’s match where the Peruvian team won their place in the World Cup for the first time since 1982 with a nail-biting 2-0 victory over New Zealand in Lima.

Anyone in Lima would have been able to feel the emotion of fans yelling “goal” with all their heart. When the goal was scored, an app called Sismo Detector (Earthquake Detector), which was designed to warn people about possible natural disasters released an alert that an earthquake had been detected in Lima.

It was later clarified by a Twitter account related to the app that the alert released was caused by fans’ celebrations.

The tweet published was read “INCREDIBLE | Sismo Alert Detector activated in the District of Lima was due to the celebration of Peru’s goal against New Zealand.”

The account said that the ‘earthquake’ detection occurred “at the exact moment” of Farfan’s goal, and that, apparently, “the emotion of the Peruvians made the application activate” with the “ground vibration generated by the fans”.

It is worth mentioning that the country is under alert because of the possibility of an earthquake. In this article, you can read about one of the latest earthquakes that took place in Lima.

Do you think Peruvians celebration was stronger than an earthquake?

(Source. Photo from Archive)

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