Peru: Hundreds of fans welcomed Oasis’ arrival in Lima

Isabel Guerra

Hundreds of Oasis’ Peruvian fans gathered at Lima’s Airport, wearing t-shirts and  carrying banners , to welcome the band, which  arrived in Lima after performing in Caracas.

Many of the fans were wearing surgical masks, since the media had previously reported the first confirmed swine flu case in Lima (in an Argentinian traveller).

Most of the fans said that they were not afraid of becoming infected, and that twelcoming their idols (and expressing their admiration for Oasis’ music) was way more important.

It was Liam Gallagher the one who gave a quick wave hi to the fans. However, not any other member of the band declared to the media nor greeted anyone else.

Oasis will perform tonight at the National Stadium of Lima, in a concert that has reportedly sold 40,000 tickets up to now.

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