Peru in the foreign media: a weekly news round-up 5/24


> >Spectacular 1,000-year-old tomb with 80 burials uncovered in Peru> >
The LA Times reports on the discovery of an ancient tomb in Pachacamac. 

The Associated Press reports on investigations surrounding the rescue of hostages, at the Japanese ambassador’s residence in 1997.
FIFA.com profiles Peruvian soccer club Sporting Cristal
The Huffington Post posts their top five reasons to visit Peru, besides Machu Picchu
Reuters reports on Humala’s 5 percentage point approval drop
>Seven Kids Die After Being Bitten by Bats in Peru
Fox News reports on the death of 7 children in a remote region in Peru. 

News about Peru, as reported by the foreign media. This week: ancient tomb discovered; Humala’s approval rating drops; and more.