Peru Issues First Sexual-Harassment Conviction In Its History


Yesterday the Peruvian justice handed down a conviction against a citizen for the crime of sexual harassment, which is an unprecedented fact in the country.

The conviction was against a 22-year old man who was sentenced to three years and six months of imprisonment for sexually harassing a 15-year-old girl, said Telesur.

“The aggressor, using the social network Facebook, created a false identity, offering the young woman sums of money in exchange for having sex, according to local media reports.”, you can read in the media.

The man was captured when the mother of the child pretended to be her daughter to agree to a meeting, after which he was later arrested by the police.

Since September, sexual harassment is classified as a crime in Peru. The Government then decided that harassment, sexual harassment, sexual blackmail and dissemination of images or audiovisual material with sexual content are incorporated as offenses in the Criminal Code.

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