Peru: Largest Quinoa Exporter in 2017


The popular product keeps escalating in the international market, becoming one of the favorites to regulate digestive processes.

According to reports, more than $USD 106 million has been made in the exportation of quinoa this year; translated into 45,000 tons of cereal, which is 1,6% more than what was exported during 2016.

According to the report presented by Minagri, the United States and the European Union have become the main buyers of quinoa, representing an average of 75% of the total exported by Peru to the world, despite the fact that this year it has fallen to 73% due to the presence of small but active markets, such as Canada, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Hong Kong, Taiwan, among others.

It is worth mentioning that exports have been promoted due to free trade agreements that have been carried out during the last years.

Regarding production, Peru was the first quinoa producer in 2016 with 79,269 registered tons, which represented 53.3% of the volume of that Andean grain worldwide, followed by Bolivia and Ecuador, which contributed to 44% and 2.7%, respectively.

In a more detailed departure, it was also mentioned that the main production area of quinoa in Peru during the past year was Puno with 35,166 tons, which represented 44.4% of the national production followed by Ayacucho with 21%, Apurímac with 8.1%, Arequipa with 7.8%, Cusco with 5% and lastly, Junín with 4.8%.

Do you like quinoa? Do you consume quinoa on a daily basis or just occasionally? What kind of effects do you think it has?

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