Peru named one of the best destinations for photographers


Peru has been ranked on a list of Top 10 best countries in the world for photographers, according to data compiled by the Sydney Morning Herald.

According to the Australian news agency, the Andean country was included on the list due to its mountainous scenery and its bustle and colour big city of Lima.

You can’t possibly hike the mountains around Cusco and not get some spectacular photos. The Machu Picchu shots are pretty clichéd, but still beautiful,’ the agency stated.

The mountain scenery is incredible. Outside of Cusco, there are macaws to be snapped in the Amazon, volcanoes around Arequipa, and all of the bustle and colour of the big city in Lima,’ the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

Rounding out the top ten countries are Morocco, Iran, Chile, Myanmar, Russia, China, India, Canada and Switzerland.

According to official data, Peru attracted 3.16 million tourists last year, up 11.2% from 2012.The Sydney Morning Herald says Peru is the place to go if you want to come home with some fantastic photographs.