Peru and New Zealand will Ask to Modify Dates for Their Match


Both countries have agreed to apply in Zurich for a change in the schedule to play on 11th and 15th of November.

Peru’s last chance to qualify for the World Cup 2018 after tying with Colombia last Tuesday is scheduled for November 6; that is the day scheduled for the first match between Peru and New Zealand in Wellington. For that reason, the Peruvian Federation of Soccer communicated quickly with New Zealand.

The main idea is to join forces to ask FIFA for a postponement of the dates of the matches.

If Zurich accepts the request, the matches against New Zealand would not be November 6 and 14 but 11 and 15. The priority to ask for this change of dates is the little margin that both selections have to prepare their teams and to count on all their players in time.

Recent reports in the New Zealand capital city, Wellington, confirm winter temperatures. Between 10 and 12 degrees Celsius, even with some rain.

All of this is already on the agenda of Néstor Bonillo, Peruvian physical trainers. No detail should escape in this moment so decisive for the Peruvian team.

FIFA is expected to make an official statement on Friday with this change of dates. After that, the official travel planning will begin.

Will you go to New Zealad to cheer on the Peruvian team?

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