Peru: Politicians react to possible Fujimori pardon


News that the Fujimori family would seek a humanitarian pardon for former president Alberto Fujimori has drawn a variety of reactions from politicians and members of the government.

Congressman Carlos Bruce of Concertación Parlamentaria supported the move. “I think he paid for his crime and deserves to go home, because society cannot be as cruel as the people who violated human rights in this country,” Bruce told RPP.

Congressman Javier Diez Canseco of Acción Popular-Frente Amplio tweeted, “Fujimorista Law 26478 prohibits pardons for those imprisoned for aggravated kidnapping, which Fujimori is. Law 20760 extends it to all kidnapping.”

César San Martín, president of the Supreme Court, denied that there was a legal impediment to the pardon. “God, show the light to Ollanta Humala,” he said. “It’s in the hands of the president alone, we won’t be an obstacle. I pray that the decision is wise and contributes to national reconciliation. I won’t say anything more; I don’t want to add fuel to the fire.”

Juan Carlos Eguren, the second vicepresident of the Congress, told Peru21, “If there’s a medical report that confirms the poor health of the former president, a pardon could be supported.”

The president of the Congress, Victor Isla, of the president’s Gana Perú party, said, “I think being the sole responsibility of the president, the only opportunity it happens is if it’s a humanitarian issue and a terminal case.”

Former presidential candidate Pedro Pablo Kuczynski voiced conditional support for the pardon. "Now it seems…I’m not a doctor, I can’t certify it, [Fujimori] is gravely ill. If the doctors say that it’s true, there should be a humanitarian pardon," PPK said. "A person like him should not die in jai," he added.

Juan Sheput, leader of Peru Posible, said that any decision would have to be made after a thorough medical evaluation by doctors. He warned that if Humala did not base his decision on medical facts, he could risk losing the support of Peru Posible. "If we see that this decision is made based on political calculations, if we see rigged questions that incur lies and manipulation, our agreement will have to be reviewed," Sheput said, alluding to a deal between Peru Posible and the president’s Gana Peru party.

Updated on September 3rd.

Politicians and government figures react to the news that the Fujimori family will seek a humanitarian pardon for the former president.