Peru Projected Stability To The World


Peru strengthened its image in the international arena and projected stability at the VIII Summit of the Americas. This was said by former Foreign Minister Ambassador Manuel Rodríguez Cuadros to El Peruano.

According to Rodríguez, the country showed leadership coming from the President Martín Vizcarra. He was “very positive and gave a good image of the country”, he said to the media.

The VIII Summit of the Americas took place between April 13 and 14 this year in Lima with a total of 34 countries and their representatives present.

It is undoubtedly an event that strengthens the external image of Peru. In particular, after the last serious political-institutional crisis that the country experienced. The summit will project stability and normalization of national political life,” Rodríguez told Andina news agency, according to El Peruano.

The former Foreign Minister also said that the democracy issue discussed in the summit is a very important and relevant today because of all of the corruption cases unveiled in the region. “Democracy is threatened by corruption”, El Peruano wrote, adding that “it is necessary to move forward on specific measures such as the criminalization of corrupt electoral financing”, citing Rodríguez.

Finally, he added that this international event will give a positive signal to the markets about the normalization of the institutional life of Peru, which is a very good image of stability.


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